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What We’re Watching: July 2021

Wishing our TelescopeTek community a happy 4th of July! If you can take a break from the weekend festivities, be sure to catch the awesome views of Mercury early in the morning of July 4th.  Happy sky gazing!

July 4: Mercury at Greatest Western Elongation

Mercury lies close to the sun and often gets lost in the sun's glare. However, at its point of greatest elongation, it will be a whole 27.3 degrees west of the sun! The night of July 4th will give you the best views of Mercury since it will be at its highest point above the horizon in the morning sky! You’ll be able to spot it by looking low on the horizon starting about an hour and a half before sunrise. 

July 10: New Moon

The moon will not be visible on this night. This typically makes for the best viewing of faint objects and distant galaxies because you won’t have the light disruption from the moon. You should be able to get excellent views of Jupiter and Saturn, as well as Mercury (in the very early hours of July 11th) if you’re viewing from the Northern Hemisphere.
This month’s moon was known by the Native American tribes as the Buck Moon because it was the time of year when the male buck deer would start to grow their horns.

July 24: Full Moon

On July 34th the moon will be completely visible with a fully illuminated face. It will cast its bright light across the night skies - making for a beautiful sight, but not the best setting for viewing faint objects.

July 28-29: Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower

The Delta Aquarids are a mid-sized meteor shower that will produce about 20 slow-moving meteors per hour at its peak. The light from the nearly full moon will block out the fainter meteors, so to get the best views head to a dark location away from city lights after midnight.
Meteors will radiate from the constellation Aquarius but can appear anywhere in the night sky.
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