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APM - LZOS Apo Refractor 175/1400 CNC LW II
APM - LZOS Apo Refractor 175/1400 CNC LW II
APM - LZOS Apo Refractor 175/1400 CNC LW II
APM - LZOS Apo Refractor 175/1400 CNC LW II
APM - LZOS Apo Refractor 175/1400 CNC LW II
APM - LZOS Apo Refractor 175/1400 CNC LW II
APM - LZOS Apo Refractor 175/1400 CNC LW II
APM - LZOS Apo Refractor 175/1400 CNC LW II
APM - LZOS Apo Refractor 175/1400 CNC LW II

APM - LZOS Apo Refractor 175/1400 CNC LW II

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7 inches for perfectionists

These large optics are rarely found in the astronomical community, as the production is very high engineering. It is an apochromat with a classic f / 8 aperture, i.e. with a 175mm aperture 1400mm focal length.

A 175mm aperture provides more than 3x as much area as a 100mm device and twice as much area as a 5-inch device! The resolution of less than 0.7 is very interesting, it is also possible to separate very difficult double stars. This resolution gives you a breathtaking detailed view of the moon and the planets, especially binocular! The 7-inch device can be called the ultimate planetary device. No 7 "apo below a Strehl value of 0.96 leaves us, these are the same quality guidelines as with the Zeiss APQ!

With this device you can rely on exceptional performance data that will give you unforgettable hours! Due to the full, customer-optimized adaptation of the tube, binocular attachments or larger solar observation equipment, for example, are no problem at all! Planets are an absolute pleasure, solar observation is possible on an extreme level! Of course, semi-professional work is also possible in photography! Many of these large refractors are installed at institutes and research facilities.

LZOS conducts its own glass research/development and also produces these glasses itself. This results in perfect control of every stage of development. APM has been a partner for civil optics for decades and can actively participate in the development of optics, which contributes to the optimization and adaptation to the needs of professional and amateur astronomers.

The classic 7? Opening is a device for serious observers! APM can deliver these very high-quality triplet SuperED apochromats at short notice and at very attractive prices! There are no multi-year delivery times!

In addition to the big 3.5? FeatherTouch focusers, all-important reducing adapters, sleeves and the finder holder are already integrated in order to conveniently connect both photographic and visual accessories. Multi-compatible pipe clamps are standard, a stable transport box is optionally available.

A wonderful high-tech device that you can help design!


  • Optical CNC lightweight tube with movable dew cap
  • Set of CNC pipe clamps
  • 3.5 "Starlight extension with mounted 50 mm finder bracket, both can be rotated through 360 °
  • Reducer adapter 3.5 "/ 2" with new, fully encompassing eyepiece clamp
  • 2 "extension 2" -80 mm
  • Adapter 2 "/1.25" with brass clamping ring
  • Test protocol
  • Lid on both sides

We also offer aluminum transport cases with pre-milled hard foam shells for all CNC tubes.

Some of our APM products are shipped directly from Germany. Before placing your order, please review the “APM Duties & Returns" tab  


compensation Multicoating
Eyepiece adapter to 2 inches and 1.25 inches
Thread in the pipe clamp 1/4 inch 5 x
Width of the pipe clamp 2 clamps á 30 mm
colour White
Telescope type Triplet SuperED apochromatic refractor
lens Triplet SuperED
Focal ratio f / 8
opening 175 mm
Focal length 1400 mm
Limit size 13 likes
Max. Sensible magnification 350 times
Back focus 220 mm
Focuser 3.5 "Starlight Feather Touch, rotatable through 360 °
Eyepiece connector 3.5 "to 2" and 2 "to 1 1/4"
Accessories included Reducing adapter 3.5 "/ 2" and 2 "/ 1 1/4" with brass clamping ring, 2 "extension 80 mm, set of pipe clamps, test report, cover on both sides
Transport case optional
Viewfinder Finder holder for 50 mm viewfinder, viewfinder optional
Resolving power 0.68 "
Tube diameter 216 mm
Observation length 1450 mm
Transport length 1225 mm
Dew cap diameter 256 mm
Dew cap length 385 mm
Thread spacing centric, 60 mm and 81 mm distance
Tube weight 20.3 kg including pipe clamps
Tube material Kruppax 50, aluminum
Tube material aluminum
Tube diameter 200 mm
Dew cap diameter 230 mm
Dew cap length 315 mm
Observation length 1390 mm
Transport length 1160 mm
Tube weight 16.58 kg including pipe clamps
Tube weight 19.5 kg including pipe clamps
Transport length 1820 mm


APM Duties & Returns

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In the case that your telescope arrives with a manufacturing defect, it will need to be shipped back to the manufacturer in Germany for them to repair it.

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